Martin Dorren - IT Specialist - (585) 309-8682

Resourceful and reliable IT Specialist, seeking to become part of a business team, 25+ years of

experience in the field, 15+ years of helpdesk, web design, programming, hardware, network,

and database manipulation/analysis, works effectively in a variety of organizational structures,

Computer Design, a real team player!


Software: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, HTML, Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server,

Salesforce, Apex, Windows Network Active Directory, Barracuda web and spam admin,

Hardware, various vertical market software



Harter Secrest and Emery - Rochester, NY - December 2015 to March 2016

Temp position via Kelly services.

• Updated and implemented procedures

• Helpdesk support: O/S, Microsoft Office, networking, document management, vertical market


• Install and maintain software/hardware systems.

• Printer and website maintenance.

• Setup hardware and software for various meetings in conference rooms


LDA Life and Learning Services - Rochester, NY - December 2012 to October 2015

LDA Life and Learning Services provide education, employment, and advocacy services to

individuals with learning and developmental disabilities.

• Received training and adhered to HIPAA security and procedures

• Maintain company tape and hard drive back-ups.

• Wrote and implemented procedures

• Created and implemented scheduling and virtual recovery process

• Developed Salesforce programs and triggers utilizing Apex code

• Implemented audio/video editing and graphics manipulation tasks for management

• Helpdesk support: O/S, Microsoft Office, networking.

• Install and maintain software/hardware systems.

• Printer and website maintenance.

• Database analysis and reporting.

• Design and implement automation technologies.


Logistic Online Guide Network - Rochester, NY - 2009 to 2012

Lognet is a consulting firm specializing in web, graphic, and marketing campaign design.

• Worked with companies to increase productivity through marketing, graphics, programming

and design. Specializing in web database design.

• Performed audio consulting as well as music soundtrack recording and production.

• Flash script manipulation and design from storyboard to finished product.

• Designed DVDs utilizing Video, Audio soundtrack and menu systems.


Synergy Global Solutions - Pittsford, NY - November 2005 to July 2009

Synergy Global Solutions provides IT solutions to various companies and institutions. Some of

these services are Security, Helpdesk, Hardware/Software installation and deployment.

• Created reports and analysis for corporate CFO and other top management

• Executed and maintained POS reports to companies on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and

annual basis

• Developed and edited web designs graphically and programmatically

• Assisted sales and marketing departments with multimedia and analysis.


Certificate in Computer Design and Graphic Design

Balin Institute of Technology - Anaheim, CA 1986 to