Martin Dorren - IT Specialist - (585)309-8682


Resourceful and reliable IT Specialist, seeking to become part of a business team, 25+ years of experience in the field, 15+ years of

helpdesk, web design, programming, hardware, network, and database manipulation/analysis, works effectively in a variety of

organizational structures, Computer Design, a real team player!




Software: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, HTML, Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server, Salesforce, Apex, Windows Network Active Directory,

Barracuda web and spam admin, Hardware





LDA Life and Learning Services - Rochester, NY - December 2012 to October 2015


LDA Life and Learning Services provide education, employment, and advocacy services to individuals with learning and developmental disabilities.

Received training and adhered to HIPAA security and procedures

Maintain company tape and hard drive back-ups.


Wrote and implemented procedures


Created and implemented scheduling and virtual recovery process


Developed Salesforce programs and triggers utilizing Apex code


Implemented audio/video editing and graphics manipulation tasks for management


Helpdesk support: O/S, Microsoft Office, networking.


Install and maintain software/hardware systems.


Printer and website maintenance.


Database analysis and reporting.


Design and implement automation technologies.




Logistic Online Guide Network - Rochester, NY - 2005 to 2012
Lognet is a consulting firm specializing in web, graphic, and marketing campaign design.



  Worked with companies to increase productivity through marketing, graphics, programming and design. Specializing in web database design.

Performed audio consulting as well as music soundtrack recording and production.


Flash script manipulation and design from storyboard to finished product.


Designed DVDs utilizing Video, Audio soundtrack and menu systems.






Synergy Global Solutions - Pittsford, NY - November 2005 to July 2009

Synergy Global Solutions provides IT solutions to various companies and institutions. Some of these services are Security, Helpdesk,

Hardware/Software installation and deployment.


Created reports and analysis for corporate CFO and other top management


Executed and maintained POS reports to companies on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis


Developed and edited web designs graphically and programmatically


Assisted sales and marketing departments with multimedia and analysis.




Certificate in Computer Design and Graphic Design


Balin Institute of Technology - Anaheim, CA 1986 to 1987